9-14 to 9-21 Latest News, Updates, and Cool Finds


Science and Math Resources

  1. Symphony of Science – http://symphonyofscience.com/
  2. Eyes on the Solar System – http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/eyes/

Language Arts and Social Studies

  1. More on 911 – http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2011/09/08/new-911-resources-are-coming-online-pretty-darn-quickly/
  2. Story Corps – http://storycorps.org/animation/ – animated videos of radio stories.  “Our mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.”
  3. Boom Writer – http://www.boomwriter.com/home/Schools – BoomWriter is a supremely engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they’ve never done before!
  4. http://teachinghistory.org/teaching-materials – free online and print materials
  5. LA Teachers’ Wiki – http://drwalsh.wikispaces.com/General+Information

Related Arts

  1. Art – http://www.whiteboardblog.co.uk/2011/09/10-great-art-resources-for-your-interactive-whiteboard/
  2. World Language – http://en.educaplay.com/index.php
  3. Teacher Resources:
    1. http://edudemic.com/

Cool Techie Tools

  1. http://www.pageflip-flap.com/ – Turn your text files in to page flipping books!
  2. http://flisti.com/19665 – Example of a Flisti, no sign-up, one question poll maker
  3. http://popplet.com/ – Brainstorming, graphic organizers, mind maps

Wikispaces has added Projects

  1. http://help.wikispaces.com/project
  2. http://help.wikispaces.com/file/view/projects%20tut%20-%20Intro%20to%20Projects.mp4


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